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Yuyyu is an astrology based dating app. Founded in 2022, Yuyyu continues to grow rapidly and confidently as a free dating site.
Much more than an ordinary dating app. The most important feature that distinguishes Yuyyu from other applications is that it uses astrology in matches. Astrology is one of the fields in which people show great interest today. The main reason for this interest is that the information given by the horoscopes about the character and general characteristics of a person is correct. With the help of astrology and horoscopes, it matches people with the most suitable people.
If you want to get rid of loneliness, don’t worry Yuyyu is here for you. Studying horoscope compatibility in romantic relationships will help you avoid bad relationships and find good matches. Yuyyu Online Dating Application calculates your sun, moon, rising zodiac signs from the desired date of birth, birth time and place of birth when creating a profile. With the artificial intelligence supported algorithm developed by expert astrologers, it draws the star map of the users, determines the people with common interests, similar characters and draws a compatibility ratio.
While the spark between two people is high, it’s hard to build a long-term relationship when they’re incompatible. You can establish more permanent friendships with the compatibility we calculated thanks to the horoscopes.