What is Yuyyu App used for?

(For Beginners)
+ What is Yuyyu App used for?

– Yuyyu App is an application and a website that you can use it on Android, iOS and web browsers.
It is a free social networking and dating website.

+ Is Yuyyu hookup app?

– Yuyyu is a hookup app that you can Yuyyu new people and start dating with them.
It is also a good application for making new friends too. Some people are also using it just for fun.

+ Can I Hide My Profile on Yuyyu ?

– Yes, you can hide your profile on Yuyyu and yo

u can pick who can see your profile on the website.
You can also set if your profile can appear on search results.

+ What is age requirement for registering Yuyyu?

– Minimum age requirement is 18 at the moment.
If you are younger than 18 and if a staff detects it, your account is going to be removed.

+ Can you make money on Yuyyu App?

– You can’t make money on Yuyyu. It is a free application at all. You will need to open a youtube account and record videos instead for making money.

+ Is Yuyyu Safe?

– It is one of the safest dating and friendship websites at the moment. You can register it free and communicate with people with a free account.

+ Is Yuyyu Legit or Scam?

– Yuyyu is not a scam website at all since it is free. Besides there are high security terms of the website. So it is legit and safe.

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