The most used dating site for long-term relationships



eHarmony is the first choice of those who want long-term friendship. Instead of ordinary matches, you can find compatible people for you and meet and chat with mutual likes. You can do a free compatibility test for healthier matches. You can also see the visitors to your profile and reply to their messages. With it, you can communicate with other users by sending smiles, emojis, and greetings. Thanks to the site with millions of users, 4% of marriages in the USA get married through this application. Most eharmony users are looking for serious relationships. They rely on eHarmony’s psychology-driven algorithm to find the right person.

You can use eHarmony which is very popular with Android and iOS download options. It has a large member base and the male-female ratio of users is almost equal. The eHarmony registration process may take some time because it performs a compatibility test during registration. This test has more than 80 questions and it is recommended to answer all of them correctly. Thanks to this test, it finds the people you are compatible with and brings them to you.

eHarmony promises that you will be with the people you match for a long time and you will be very compatible. There are very few bots and fake profiles on eHarmony so 70% of users meet their true matches. If you are looking for your soul mate, this application is for you. Click for more details.


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